October 04, 2017


Geek Tile Coaster Designs

If you are looking for gift ideas, The Techie Shop has Tile Coasters displaying geek designs. These attractive tiles can also be framed or displayed with miniature easels.

To quickly find all the available geek designs, use the search box menu at The Techie Shop (bottom of page) and enter the following keyword: coaster.

September 16, 2017


The Geek Card Shop

Visit The Geek Card Shop that offers a variety of geek designs on postcards and greeting cards.

Let everyone know you are a geek by using geek designs on your greeting cards or postcards. The geek cards and postcards also make great gifts.

August 04, 2017


Geek Logo Design Tote Bag

The 100% cotton canvas Geek Design Tote Bag at the The Techie Shop has plenty of room to carry everything you need. It also includes extra long handles for easy carrying.

Get this machine washable tote today as a gift for yourself or your favorite techie.

July 05, 2017


Get a Mousepad with a Geek Design at The Techie Shop

A mousepad from The Techie Shop will keep your mouse rolling in style and the rubber backing will keep the mousepad from sliding. These durable mousepads with geek designs are even machine washable.

To view all the mousepads at The Techie Shop, use the search box menu (bottom of page) and enter the following keyword: mousepad


Get a Geek Beanie T-Shirt

Let everyone know that you are a computer geek by wearing a Geek Beanie White T-Shirt that features our original geek beanie design.

This comfortable Hanes Tagless t-shirt at The Techie Shop is 100% cotton, preshrunk, and durable.

May 03, 2017


Buy a Geek Logo Mug

Drink your favorite beverages in a stylish Geek Logo Mug from The Techie Shop. Measuring 3.75" tall and 3" wide in diameter, it is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

April 03, 2017


Ultimate Geek Apparel and Merchandise

Wear apparel or purchase items featuring our original geek designs at The Techie Shop.

Be sure to visit The Ultimate Geek Shop with its "ultimate geek" apparel and other merchandise.

March 02, 2017


Geek Mugs at The Techie Shop

View our great collection of Geek mugs at The Techie Shop.

To help you quickly find all the available designs, use the search box menu at The Techie Shop (bottom of page) and enter the following keyword: mugs.

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